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4,4 van 5 sterren
4,4 van 5 sterren

op 14 november 2017
Again a good book which must have cost a lot of research. The Artificial Intelligence aspect is very good but can also be disturbing to some readers. Since the book is a "fight" between religion and science it might get some readers on the wrong track.
All in all great reading again.....
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op 26 december 2017
The descriptive yet fluid writing style remains, as Dr. Robert Langdon is injected, once again, into a religion laden firestorm of quick-fire events. Somehow, by marrying the advent of AI with nature’s evolution, Dan Brown found himself stripped from the rich lustre of imagination that only mysticism can provide.
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op 17 januari 2018
Precies wat ik had gehoopt maar dan weer met een hele andere twist. Weer een interessante combinatie tussen religie, ethiek en technologie. In één adem uitgelezen.
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op 21 april 2018
I loved reading this but at some times found it too lengthy.
The scientific explanations can’t be brief of course and what a exiting story it is.
Fact or fiction, does it matter?
It helps to rethink what might be in store for us in the future.
The conclusion is very plausible.

I tried talking to my colleagues about what I discovered but they didn’t really want to talk about the too-far-away future possibilities. Or a world without religion.
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