25 november 2019
Read the name correct ? Ok

“What’s the point? I’ll give it to you, anyway. Be it money, a snog, a shag, a kidney, a liver. God, I hope it’s not my liver you’re after. Unfortunately, mine has seen some mileage.

Yes I know , I’m a helpless Romantic , I should give 3 or 4 star for some predictable plot at beginning that quite irate my nerves , yes this book has cheating all over it but the good is author let it know the guilt & effect has left of main character which is the h to give it credit her boyfriend at that moment also a llying twat

Anyway let me not spoil the tea to much yea
Think about Jamie Dornan and Cillian Murphy in one perfect combined person , u bet that is Malachy Doherty , please read it you laugh more than you can expect with a little shed tears and oh the sex scene is steaming
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