28 april 2019
I highly anticipated this book and finally got to meet the All Saints High crew. They were even better than I expected.

The first book in the series starts with Queen B Daria and bad boy hoodrat Penn. Even though she was mean to the sweet Luna when they were little I still craved to read her book because I do love me a mean girl book.

Daria and Penn go way back but things go bad very fast after their first kiss. Now he's back in her life... With a vengeance. I was on the edge of my seat while listening to this highly entertaining story which is a mix of Mean Girls, Gossip Girl, sparkled with some Romeo & Juliet and even a little Wizard of Oz. Penn and Daria gave me all the feels. Their chemistry was amazing and they were a perfect fit together.

Aside from them, we also got to meet the other All Saints High characters: Knight (my favorite!), Vaughn, Luna, and their school mates. The boys really shined in this. I was a little disappointed we didn't get more from Luna, but I also understand. This is Daria's story and Luna will shine brightly in hers <3!

The story itself was superbly written; it had humor, moments that squeezed my heart, and every character was well developed. The audiobook had great narration as well. Shen took great care in choosing her narrators!

All in all, a great book and I look highly forward to reading the upcoming ones!
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