27 september 2015
I respect David Lagercrantz bravery to write another book of the Millennium series. There must be a lot of people wondering what Salander and Blomkvist must be doing afterwards, for they are very talented in solving crime. Too much possibilities to ponder just to let go.

Anyhow, I have to admit that Lagercrantz' style of writing is not exactly to my liking. I have to really pushed myself to read the first 20% of the book, because he introduced so many characters at the same time, without actually linked them together. They linked in later part of the book, naturally, but for the first part of the book, I need one week to get through.

Later on, after these characters are linked, some of important parts of the book, come in not because one of the main character actually experienced it, but because somebody told another character. Borrowing the logic of Agatha Christie's detectives: we need to be able to check the truth out of a witness' story. In Lagercrantz's way of telling, this in very limited. It feels like reading a story, in a story. Therefore, I do not really enjoy reading this book. I did not feel the experience of following the process of logical conclusion because there is only one side of story. Perhaps it is also something to do with the scope of the book, from Stockholm to NSA until Moscow's mafia.

So, I must say that this book is not for me.
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