4 januari 2018
This feels like searching for the meaning of life. Profound and great to read. Thank you Darren!

Quote from the book:
‘The probability of you liking this,
Depends on many random events,
Lots of arguments are plausible,
Just like pink flying elephants,
With triangles and pyramids,
And various other polygons,
Shape shifting into romance,
A total perfect random event,
Defined by the brains of science,
Maybe just the same song and dance,
Well it could be easy as one, two and three,
But it could be all Greek and PI to you,
When equations and words get perplexing,
We lose our marbles and our variables,
Love is a complex art form,
This no formulae to determine the outcome,
To many variables and consequences,
That it is why it is so much fun,
So you are my lucky number,
You feed me numbers and memories,
As the numbers get higher and fatter,
Success now shines on my poetry.’
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