9 augustus 2016
This book was recommended to me by Amazon, while reading "the gut". Amazon not knowing that last month I went to the neurologist desperate that my imigran-medication did't work anymore. For about 20 years I'm suffering (period-related) two monthly *nerve-wrecking* migraine episodes of 48h. The neurologist subscribed me Eletriptan and Topiramaat, the latter an anti-epilepticum for profylaxe. I was not yet ready to take such strong medication, leaving the pills untouched when I saw this book. I quit eating carbs and gluten immediately and for the first time in ages I didn't have migraine with my period. I'm flabbergasted that my neurologist didn't mention gluten-sensitivity to me as a possible cause for my migraines and I'm very grateful to dr. Perlmutter for writing about his knowledge and saving me from having to take very strong medications. I gave this book 5 stars for changing my life from a life of being dictated by suffering to a life of freedom and feeling in control of things.
His writing is not always clear in detail (eg I missed an explantion about the chemistry of soy, peanuts and legumes). I've always been a vegetarian and needed more explanation to abandon these foods just because 'they also take nutrients with them'. I can imagine that more vegetarians who read the book miss that. But it's only a detail.
I would strongly recommend the book to anyone who has a neurological disease or problem. But while this book is also for preventing diseases like Alzheimer, it's good to read for everyone who wants to live a long happy healthy life!
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