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Shades of the Past (English Edition) van [Kirkwood, Kathleen]
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Shades of the Past (English Edition) Kindle-editie

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Nieuw vanaf Tweedehands vanaf
Kindle, 8 mrt 2012
"Probeer het later opnieuw"
EUR 4,39

Lengte: 278 pagina's Verbeterd lettertype: Ingeschakeld Bladeren: Ingeschakeld
Taal: Engels

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A Widowed Victorian Lady: Traveling companion to an elderly, aristocratic lady, Vanessa Wynters is drawn to Royal Sherringham upon her employer's death. Little does she expect to remain at the estate beyond the funeral itself, or to find herself caught up in the secrets of Sherringham’s turbulent past or those of the deceased noblewoman’s dark, brooding nephew ― Viscount Adrian Marrable.

A Mysterious Viscount: Twice wed and twice widowed, the darkly handsome lord is implicated in both his wives’ tragic and untimely deaths. Adrian is captivated by Vanessa’s golden beauty and willingly fulfills his late aunt’s dying wishes. His generous financial support allows Vanessa to remain at Sherringham and pursue her passion for photography. But her growing attraction to the enigmatic viscount proves as unsettling as the ghostly figure that appears in her photographs.

Royal Sherringham: An expansive castle-mansion complex in the English West Midlands, its long history dates back to the times of the druids. What mysteries does Sherringham hold, and why did Adrian’s late aunt flee her beloved home to live in self-imposed exile? Now, as the Marrable family gathers after years apart, Sherringham’s unseen residents stir. What might they reveal, if the planes between the spiritual and material dimensions are breached? Will Vanessa find an adversary or an ally in the otherworldly presence that beckons from her photographs as secrets are unearthed, shade by shocking shade? Dare Vanessa embrace her blossoming love for the dark viscount or, like her late employer, flee Sherringham forever?


  • Editie: Kindle-editie
  • Bestandsgrootte: 3463 KB
  • Printlengte: 278 pagina's
  • Uitgever: ByDand Publishing (8 maart 2012)
  • Verkocht door: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l.
  • Taal: Engels
  • ASIN: B007IX4PXU
  • Tekst-naar-spraak: Ingeschakeld
  • X-Ray:
  • Schermlezer: Ondersteund
  • Verbeterd lettertype: Ingeschakeld
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Nuttigste klantenrecensies op (beta) 4.4 van 5 sterren 89 recensies
16 van 16 mensen vonden de volgende recensie nuttig
5.0 van 5 sterren Wonderful romance/ghost/mystery all in one! 16 juni 2012
door HAR (Calif) - Gepubliceerd op
Geverifieerde aankoop
This book is one of the best ghost/romance's I've read in a long time! (And I read A LOT) I see it was first published in 1999 and I'm surprised I missed it. I've gotten to where I skim through so many stories because the sex scenes have taken over most of today's books. I didn't have to skim with this story. I was enthralled from the beginning! You pretty much know who the villain is from the first but that's okay. Just reading how it all came together was great and the cast of characters were delightful. I'm excited to see that this author has a new book coming out this year. Looking forward to that very much!
5.0 van 5 sterren Shades of the Past 8 december 2016
door Nana - Gepubliceerd op
Geverifieerde aankoop
A lovely historical romance with lots of intrigue thrown in to keep many wondering just who the villain could be. Vanessa was a companion to Lady Gwendolyn for three years prior to the Lady's death. She has accompanied the body and Lady Gwen's nephew Lawrence back to the home estate in England. Vanessa plans to travel to her cousins after the internment and look for new employment. Lady Gwen has given her photography instructions and as much as Vanessa would like to continue with this type of work, she does not expect to be able to support herself. The services for Lady Gwen end and Vanessa is planning her leave taking, when the family solicitor tells the family and Vanessa to come to the reading of the will. The story unfolds.......
1 van 1 mensen vonden de volgende recensie nuttig
3.0 van 5 sterren Reviewed by KyBunnies 4 november 2015
door Suzie - Bunny's Review - Gepubliceerd op
Geverifieerde aankoop
***Disclosure: Digital book was purchased at Amazon.***

The original paperback cover for this book was not similar to the story inside. Upon seeing the original paperback cover I thought the story would be set in the 12th or 13th century. However this book is set in the late 19th century. The original cover is better but they really need to remove the eyes at the top. Those are just freaking looking.

I am always on the lookout for older published book that have been turned to digital. So many times older books have the historical details accurate that today's books are sorely lacking. For me details especially historical details are what carry me away to another time, another place, another land that today's authors sometimes forget. This book was originally published in 1999. Late enough to be classified as an older book but not to early for the author to add all the sex scenes in the story similar to what is written in today's historical romance.

The story starts out with Vanessa attending her late employer's funeral. A very sad start to a story. Readers will quickly see that the sadness does not dominate the story long. When starting the story my heart went out to Vanessa and Lawrence, the nephew of Lady Gwendolyn. Lawrence is the nephew to Lady Gwendolyn and shows great concern and empathy to Vanessa for her loss.

I honestly thought this book was written in the early 18th century. It really felt similar to some Gothic romance. I really question how an author writes something so similar but so different to books written years ago. Oh, I do not question if they plagiarized the story. I question how amazing it is for them to write something so entertaining.

The story seemed longer than what I expected for such an old book. Then I personally had a hard time keeping interest in the story. It was well written and I meticulously enjoyed reading it but it did not hold my attention fully. I did not get swept away like similar stories.

The bunnies and I do recommend this book. Where I found it slow others might enjoy it.

The bunnies and I give this book 3 carrots.
8 van 8 mensen vonden de volgende recensie nuttig
5.0 van 5 sterren A GREAT GOTHIC VICTORIAN MYSTERY ! 20 maart 2012
door AC - Gepubliceerd op
Geverifieerde aankoop
It is not so often that I come across, in my opinion, such a great Victorian Gothic mystery ! I have found here, absolutely everything I could hope for and beyond ... Hidden family secrets, scandal, passion, jealousy, deception and murder, a very nasty constable and a Ghost !

From the very beginning this story grabs you and throws you into a whirlwind of very powerful emotions. Royal Sherringham, ancient seat of the Viscounts Marrable has its very own identity and importance. It is heavily charged with history, each architectural details has its significance and memories. Kathleen Kirkwood described in beautiful detail the majestic house in such a way that it magically came to life before my eyes. Ms. Kirwood provides just the right amount of detail, which add an incredible dimension to the story, creating a bizarre, spellbinding and unique atmosphere that pulls you in.

The author has delivered a captivating and intricate story where romance and mystery are perfectly balanced. She skillfully added an unusual element of photography, I have to say I enjoyed that aspect very much. Her interesting explanation blended brilliantly to the storyline.

Vanessa Wynters and Lord Adrian Marrable are attracted to each other from the start but they have to fight it for very different reasons, which adds a lot of exciting sexual tension. I enjoyed the Marrable family and all of its diversity from the Vicount's twin, the sisters, the young nephew and to the old nanny, oh and let's not forget all the departed. They all give the book even more depth and interest.

It was extremely entertaining and exciting to read with not a moment of rest. I highly recommend it. I became a big fan and I eagerly awaits the release of A Slip in Time, but I know I'll have to be patient. With great enthusiasm I give this novel 5 STARS.
1 van 1 mensen vonden de volgende recensie nuttig
5.0 van 5 sterren This was a great book. Had a ghost, plenty of intrigue, multiple plots, great romance, no porn. 6 september 2015
door Marilyn S. - Gepubliceerd op
Geverifieerde aankoop
I just finished this book and loved it! It had excitement, romance (no porn) a lot of plots and intrigue. It was very enjoyable and I found myself looking forward to reading it each day. Great ending! The author winds up all of the loose ends admirably. The hero, Adrian and the heroine Vanessa are very likeable. They make mistakes and are very human without the obtuseness other writers often give to their own heroes/heroines. Adrien and Vanessa both display understanding and common sense. Would love to read Geoffrey's story and hope this author writes it.

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