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REWIRE YOUR BRAIN: LEARN HOW TO BE HAPPY AGAIN: Practical self-help to overcome depression, panic attacks, anxiety, stress, fear, mood swings, low self-esteem, ... rejection, disappointment (English Edition) van [Publishing, LIVE 2DAY]

REWIRE YOUR BRAIN: LEARN HOW TO BE HAPPY AGAIN: Practical self-help to overcome depression, panic attacks, anxiety, stress, fear, mood swings, low self-esteem, ... rejection, disappointment (English Edition) Kindle-editie

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Kindle-editie, 5 jan 2020
EUR 4,60



Is it possible to learn how to be HAPPY by learning how to be UNhappy first?

Is UNhappiness a bad thing? Or could it possibly be a Healthy Emotion and a Skill we have Lost in time and we need to LEARN AGAIN?

Have you seen an unhappy baby? Probably many times!

But have your ever seen a depressed baby? Hopefully never!

A baby can be unhappy, a baby may even cry. But simply show them something they love – would it be a toy, a smile, some nice food, or play them some video/music they love, and they quickly forget about being unhappy and start smiling again.

Now, think about us!When we are unhappy, not even the things we love most can put the smile back on our faces. We use food or drinks trying to suppress our negative emotions. But it actually makes us feel worse. Not just that we cannot overcome the unhappiness, but we drag it into the next day, feeling even more depressed in the morning.

It seems to me that babies/toddlers have an ability that we have lost at some point in our life. When babies are unhappy, it is only for a short time. They are certainly NOT depressed, anxious, they are not into a state of long-term discomfort, mental block or mental pressure.

But why is that? Let me tell you, that to be UNhappy is fine.

UNhappiness is a HEALTHY emotion and it is NOT there TO HURT US. It is there to motivate us, to drive us to improve, to a better version of ourselves, to a better life, to new achievements, to new adventures.

Without UNhappiness, we would never be able to understand or appreciate happiness.
Remember that SADNESS is a NORMAL emotion. DEPRESSION IS NOT! But babies have the skill to be ‘unhappy’ in a ‘healthy way’, whilst we, adults, remain in our unhappiness and start growing deep roots into it.


This book will not focus on the brain processes that happen in the cortex, or the amygdala when we are happy or unhappy. Because these words don’t carry any practical help to most people and they may not mean much to you unless you are a brain specialist. Instead, we will focus on the different aspects of our frame of mind that prevent us from being happy.

There are 3 components that create and sustain a fire. They are:

OXYGEN – HEAT – FUEL. Stop ANY ONE of them and the fire will stop.

Please notice! You don’t need to remove ALL of them. No! You only need to remove one and the other two will be helpless.

The same thing happens with our UNhappiness, expressed by our thought patterns, habits and routines. They also have 3 components:


Break ANY ONE of them and the overwhelming negativity, unhappiness, bad habits WILL STOP. Change just one of them and the sequence will not work.

Let me tell you, that if you have at any point in your life believed that you could, or should be happier, YOU CAN, and this book will help you get there!

We don't claim this book will solve all your problems but hopefully, it will give you a new direction of thinking and will take you a step closer to your Happier Self and your Happier NOW.

You can discover the joy you need, and live the happy life you deserve, by applying the simple principles, provided in the book. You will discover methods for living a meaningful, healthy, and productive life regardless of what circumstances you are in. Positive ideas and methods will help you with changing negative behavior, encouraging good habits, and being in sync with your surroundings.

A summary of what this book will teach you includes:

• How to overcome obstacles to happiness

• How to live the life that you want

• The tips and strategies that you can use to achieve happiness


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