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Karma and Consequence (English Edition) van [Yogi, Sam]
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Karma and Consequence (English Edition) Kindle-editie

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Kindle-editie, 22 apr 2015
EUR 1,00



ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sam Yogi has podcasted free translations of multiple Yogic texts from Sanskrit to English via In the United States, Yogi's 59 podcasted translations of the Ashtavakra Gita have been selected by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) mentors for recommended listening by those trying to give up smoking and drinking. Sam Yogi was born in India and came to the United States at the age of 25. Currently, Yogi divides his time between India and California. You can follow Sam Yogi via

- - -
Question: I was dreaming a bad dream. A fire was burning. It engulfed a lot of people, including me... But, it seems I have woken up. I am enlightened now. Should I now try to save the people in that dream burning in fire?

Yogi: If you feel that you must save those people who you saw in your dream to be suffering, to be burning in that fire, please understand that you are yourself dreaming, you have not woken up yourself, you are not enlightened.

Question: Then why do you write books, why do you try to save us? Apparently you are enlightened; for you have woken up, but we are still dreaming?

Yogi: Good question. May be it is out of compassion. Why don't you read the few chapters here; and let's discuss again.


Question: Why do Prarabdha Karmas not burn into ashes by the Fire of Knowledge?

Yogi: That all Karmas turn to ashes is the miracle of the Fire of Knowledge!

Question: But you told us before: Prarabdha Bhogena Kshiyate. Prarabdha Karmas can be exhausted only by enduring, enjoying, suffering. So, Prarabdha still remains even after I become a knower, a Jnani!

Yogi: If one says that only Sanchita and Kriyamana can be burned by Jnanagni or Knowledge-Fire but Prarabdha cannot be, it amounts to saying that when a man with three wives dies, only two become widows and one is still married. How can that be? All three wives become widows.

Question: Interesting. Explain further.

Yogi: Dear friend; one in whom Jnanagni has been actually lit is Akarta, non-doer. As a result, he is Abhokta, non-enjoyer and non-sufferer. So, for whom will enjoyment and suffering that is Prarabdha Bhoga remain?

Question: But we see you enjoy and suffer, like the rest of us!

Yogi: Dear friend; when you say that Prarabdha remains even after knowledge dawns; this conclusion of yours is not for the Jnani but for those Ajnanis who see the Jnani to have a body, enjoy through the body, suffer through the body. To those Ajnanis, it is said that the living being has received the body to exhaust those Karmas for which the being obtained the body. The body will perish after due enjoyment and suffering. The body is like a dry leaf. Or think of it as a ripened fruit. It waits. When fall comes, the dry leaf falls, the ripened fruit falls, the body falls. I am not the body. I am an witness to its ripening, to its drying up, to its due fall. I am the witness to its spring, summer, autumn, winter, fall. Try to become the witness. You are not the doer; neither are you the enjoyer nor are you the sufferer. You are the observer, the witness. Don't get entangled with the observed enjoyments and sufferings of the body. Stay detached as the observer, witness, seer.


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  • Uitgever: Mission Sam Yogi; 1 editie (22 april 2015)
  • Verkocht door: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l.
  • Taal: Engels
  • ASIN: B00WJ84106
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