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Leveren op je Kindle of een ander apparaat

Feng Shui For Writers (How To Master Your Life Book 1) (English Edition) van [Simon, M.C.]
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Feng Shui For Writers (How To Master Your Life Book 1) (English Edition) Kindle-editie

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Nieuw vanaf Tweedehands vanaf
Kindle, 16 jun 2015
"Probeer het later opnieuw"
EUR 7,27

Lengte: 160 pagina's Verbeterd lettertype: Ingeschakeld Bladeren: Ingeschakeld
Taal: Engels

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The fully illustrated, comprehensive FENG SHUI FOR WRITERS shows you how to use the ancient technique of Feng Shui to organize around you the energies in such a way to successfully influence your writing mood and skills. And most of all, the book points out how to build a deep relation with your personal Muse.
The book will not give you advice on writing techniques. Instead, it will provide you with all the dots that you have to connect so you can play with the energies, without having deep knowledge of Feng Shui. You will not need to draw complicated Feng Shui maps that will only succeed to make you dizzy and finally necessitate you to call a Feng Shui specialist to have them tell you exactly what you need to do.
To find the harmony in your writing place and to increase your creativity, you -the writer- will need to apply the productivity principles combined with a design and layout that is suitable for the nature of the writing process.
And here are the steps in the ancient art of Feng Shui. The writer’s Chi has to find a balance that will influence your creativity each moment. Depending on the field of interest in which you as an author work in, there can be various solutions to control the flowing Chi.
This book does not intend to address the writer’s work or artistic skills but rather it addresses each writing category. We have to do this because what is harmony for a romantic novel writer is different from what is harmony for a journalist writer, and for sure very different than for the writer writing for the horror domain.
You already got the idea. To bring the Feng Shui technique into the writer’s life, it is not enough to merely explain general principles and ideas; we have to dig deeper because the branches of writing are so numerous.

Therefore, inside the pages of this book you will find details on HOW TO:

- Decipher what Feng Shui is and why a writer needs it
- Organize your writing place to achieve your goals
- Decorate the writer’s office, for both home or outside office
- Choose the furniture for your office
- Find the best position, size, and shape for a writer’s desk
- Overcome the writer’s block with Feng Shui help
- Influence your "writer’s zone" and the creative mind
- Improve your inner world through stress relievers
- Use crystals for creative writing
- Influence your writing life through colors
- Choose the plants that will boost your creativity
- Use lighting to Feng Shui your writing space
- Attract productivity, successful publishing and money using Feng Shui
- Boost your children’s creativity (because yes… children are young writers also)

The author shares with you all of this and much more.


  • Editie: Kindle-editie
  • Bestandsgrootte: 1918 KB
  • Printlengte: 160 pagina's
  • Aantal pagina's van bron-ISBN: 151425994X
  • Gelijktijdig gebruik van apparaten: Onbeperkt
  • Uitgever: IML Publishing; 1 editie (16 juni 2015)
  • Verkocht door: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l.
  • Taal: Engels
  • Tekst-naar-spraak: Ingeschakeld
  • X-Ray:
  • Schermlezer: Ondersteund
  • Verbeterd lettertype: Ingeschakeld
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Meest waardevolle klantenrecensies op (bèta) (er kunnen recensies van Early Reviewer Rewards-programma bij zitten) 4.8 van 5 sterren 20 recensies
3 van 3 mensen vonden de volgende recensie nuttig
5.0 van 5 sterren Super Interesting - good stuff! We should all pay more attention to this in our daily lives. 19 juni 2015
door Eric Z - Gepubliceerd op
Geverifieerde aankoop
This is an amazing book, I was really surprised at the amount of in depth information!
The funny thing is the author says: "This is book is designed to present condensed information" Whereby it goes way deeper than most "complete" guides of Feng Shui.
There are a lot of diagrams and full color pics in this book and they look great on my android tab.
If you can only have one Feng Shui book this is it. It's not just for writers.
Everything is covered here, from the basics and origins of Feng Shui, and then down to the specifics of office, living room etc. design.
I'm stoked I got this book, I can actually USE it!
Yes that's true, this isn't Astrology or esoteric hokus pokus stuff.
Feng Shui is real.
It's just as real as Body Language, or unspoken communication. Two things that are very real, but we just don't pay attention to - at least not on a Conscious level.
That's my beginner's explanation of Feng Shui, it is the "unspoken communication" or the "body language" of objects, buildings, furniture and everything in your living space.
It is mainly at the subconscious level but it is not only real, it is very powerful and we should all take the time to learn more about it and IMPROVE it in our daily lifes and our own house for sure.
So if you are turned off by the name - get over it, it's not "kung-fu", it's about building a positive environment for you to work in and enjoy your house and your life better.
This book is your one stop shop for that.
1 van 1 mensen vonden de volgende recensie nuttig
5.0 van 5 sterren It's like engineering ones "environmental control panel" for writing! 17 augustus 2015
door Lee Kelso - Gepubliceerd op
Geverifieerde aankoop
M.C. Simon is by profession an engineer and engineers work with directing and channeling energy for a myriad of applications. This is important if you are going to share with others how energy can flow to help maximize ones creative world of writing.

You can feel her passion to communicate her understanding of how all is energy, and to help one engineer their space to allow for that efficient flow of energy.

I really like how she has numbered many of her thoughts, as it lends itself to a technical manual, and you're not getting lost in all the thoughts running together.

It kind of even has a Lego affect to setting up your shop for writing... snap this here snap that here connect this dot with this dot and so on.

As an air-condition technician who has found the writer within, I sensed M.C.'s energy as I felt I was positioning energy producing devices, plants, colors shapes etc. to allow for maxim flow to "cool the creative engine" thus making ones mind and body more efficient.

Our DNA is encoded with creativity, and if you need some help boosting your creative amperage to run at Full Load Amps this book is for you.

Full Load Amps or FLA in engineering terms describes an electrical load/device reaching its full capacity or potential.
1 van 1 mensen vonden de volgende recensie nuttig
5.0 van 5 sterren Feng Shui for Writers is a masterful study in using the energy of the Universe to boost your writing career and your life! 10 augustus 2015
door Sue D. - Gepubliceerd op
Geverifieerde aankoop
I'm a freelance writer/copywriter and found myself lacking direction. With the help of Feng Shui For Writers, I discovered ways to free the stagnant and sometimes chaotic energy that surrounded my writing environment. Reading this book not only helped me "unblock" my thinking, it also showed me how to add visual, auditory, olfactory and sensory stimuli that helped bring in and enhance the chi of my environment and thinking processes. I opened up and blossomed with new ideas and thought processes, while blocking negative energies that hindered me. I've been an advocate for the power of energies ever since I began studying Reiki.

Reading this book showed me how to also direct the powerful energy of the Universe into my writing adventure.

If you're on the fence about what this book can do for you, open your own personal gate and discover the freedom, enhancement of thoughts and ideas to catapult your writing career to new and abundant levels. No matter if you work for yourself as an entrepreneur or for a company, you will learn how to turn your working and living accommodations into an environment you will want to spend time in daily.
1 van 1 mensen vonden de volgende recensie nuttig
5.0 van 5 sterren Great resource for Feng Shui in your writing space! 7 januari 2016
door Tia's Kindle Shelf - Gepubliceerd op
Geverifieerde aankoop
As a person who hopes to write a book this year, I wanted to make sure that I was setting myself up in the best way possible. "Feng Shui for Writers" has given me numerous ideas on setting up my work space to allow for the free flow of ideas and creativity. I've worked at my computer for a number of years but had it placed with my back to a window, which has always made me feel vulnerable. I hope with the new placement it will help me to feel more stable and secure so that I can also believe more in my own abilities.
I know from my previous exploration into Feng Shui that it works if you use the fundamentals of it. Now it's time to get my life back on track and this book will be one of the things that helps me get there.
1 van 1 mensen vonden de volgende recensie nuttig
4.0 van 5 sterren Feng Shui for your inner and outer world 18 augustus 2015
door Ellen L. Buikema - Gepubliceerd op
Geverifieerde aankoop
M.C. Simon gives a good overview of Feng Shui and how it may be used in the writer's inner as well as outer world, including tips on productivity. I would give this book a five star rating if I were able to apply it in my current situation and be able to see the benefits. That is not on the cards for now, so I give four stars on the author's clear, easy to follow, and detailed information.