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The Auction: A Romance: (A Novel of the Dreamtime) (Song of the River Book 1) (English Edition) van [Erishkigal, Anna]
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The Auction: A Romance: (A Novel of the Dreamtime) (Song of the River Book 1) (English Edition) Kindle-editie

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Nieuw vanaf Tweedehands vanaf
Kindle, 26 okt 2014
"Probeer het later opnieuw"
EUR 3,65

Lengte: 428 pagina's Verbeterd lettertype: Ingeschakeld Bladeren: Ingeschakeld
Taal: Engels
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Dumped at the altar and left without a home, Rosie Xalbadora takes a job as a governess at the edge of the Australian outback. There she meets Pippa Bristow, a sensitive child who copes with her parent's bitter divorce by escaping into a magical world of fairy queens and unicorns. Pippa's enigmatic father, Adam Bristow, will do what it takes to keep his daughter safe from his manipulative oil heiress ex-wife.

Struggling to shield Pippa from her mother's games, Rosie must face the ghosts of her own painful past while fighting a growing attraction to her handsome, emotionally unavailable employer. But help comes in the form of a quirky, elderly neighbor, a welcoming Outback town, and two ghostly horsemen who visit Rosie each night in her dreams. When Rosie and Pippa act impulsively to save a small, white pony from slaughter, their ill-timed compassion puts Adam's custody dispute, Pippa's fantasies, and Rosie's worst fears all up for bid in an epic showdown.

The Auction is a blend of literary fiction, classic western, and sweet contemporary romance, all styled with the heart-wrenching, Gothic undertones of Jane Eyre and just a hint of the supernatural. It weaves social issues surrounding the fate of horses into Aboriginal Australian mythology, Gitano gypsy myth, child custody and environmental degradation. Think Jane Eyre meets The Horse Whisperer meets Kramer vs. Kramer.

“A mystical, magical landscape, and old legends take on a new life…” —Romancing History Blog
“I was instantly drawn into the characters’ lives, and felt like I was right alongside Rosie as she struggled to keep her life from falling apart…” –N.Y. Times Best Selling Author Stacey Joy Netzel

"It's like Jane Eyre meets The Horse Whisperer..." —Reader review


  • Editie: Kindle-editie
  • Bestandsgrootte: 6449 KB
  • Printlengte: 428 pagina's
  • Gelijktijdig gebruik van apparaten: Onbeperkt
  • Uitgever: Seraphim Press (26 oktober 2014)
  • Verkocht door: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l.
  • Taal: Engels
  • Tekst-naar-spraak: Ingeschakeld
  • X-Ray:
  • Schermlezer: Ondersteund
  • Verbeterd lettertype: Ingeschakeld
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Meest waardevolle klantenrecensies op (bèta) (er kunnen recensies van Early Reviewer Rewards-programma bij zitten) 4.8 van 5 sterren 13 recensies
3 van 3 mensen vonden de volgende recensie nuttig
5.0 van 5 sterren Horses Are People Too! 11 december 2014
door Meredith - Gepubliceerd op
Geverifieerde aankoop
I honestly didn't expect to like this book but I LOVE the author so I was quite curious to give it a try. Plus I was very privileged to receive an advance copy. Truth be known I actually had to give it several tries as apparently I wasn't in the mood for it the first few times I picked it up but once I got going with the story, I REALLY just couldn't put it down. If you read through the first few pages and think, say, this isn't Anna's usual fare, stick with it, you will NOT be disappointed.

The story centers around three people, Rosie, Pippa and Pippa's gorgeous dad, Adam. The character I could relate to most was Rosie. Freshly dumped without a penny by her HIDEOUSLY sanctimonious ex, Rosie is down to her last hope when she goes for a governess job on a ranch in Australia and meets Pippa Bristow and her foxy father, Adam. Well, four if you count the brave little pony that Pippa befriends. I don't want to say too much or give it away but -

Here's where it gets interesting and goes a little deeper than just "Sweet Contemporary Romance."

MEANWHILE, back at the ranch...
Okay, sorry.

I must say I really enjoyed this book. While telling a very relatable story about a little girl living in the world of her imagination with fairies and unicorns to escape from the damaging drama of her parents divorce (which includes a vapid mother using her child in a very unpleasant game of human chess against a very-good-guy dad), the author ALSO exposes the exploitation and cruelty going on all over the world in regard to horse crimes. Quite frankly this blew my mind as I had NO CLUE such things went on.

There is a scene towards the end of the book that was actually very stark,shocking and very sad, so be prepared. I learned quite a bit in the process about horses AND human sensitivity, I must say.

I love the way this author writes, and I would recommend this book any day of the week.
1 van 1 mensen vonden de volgende recensie nuttig
5.0 van 5 sterren A fresh new look at a Classic; Jane Eyre hits modern times! 8 januari 2015
door Dark Lilith - Gepubliceerd op
Geverifieerde aankoop
This was a very gripping and pleasant read with plenty of plot twists to keep you guessing until the end.
I was drawn to it as it was billed to be a modern version of Jane Eyre, and I'm a big fan of that classic story. The main character, Rosie, is very much like Jane Eyre, alone in the world and without funds, desperate to find work. She takes a position as governess to a little girl at a rural station (ranch) that is not functioning as a ranch at present. The father works away from home and needs someone to be with his daughter during his frequent absences and someone to tutor her. Adam is very much like Mr. Rochester--serious, mysterious, and oh so deliciously handsome. Rosie bonds with her charge, the ten year old Pippa. When the father returns from his trips, he's moody, and yet there is a very strong attraction between him and Rosie. There are playful, flirtatious scenes between the two as they struggle with their feelings for one another and try not to give in to their hearts. There is so much I could say about the plot, but I don't want to rehash what has been said. Instead, I'll give you some new reasons to check out this amazing and unique novel.

I loved the way the author mixed in some of the Austrailan Aborginal myths with the present day story line. There are magical creatures in this story, the Mimi's--sort of an Austrailan type of fairy. Pippa, the little girl, is able to see and talk to the fairies, and even the main character, Rosie, enters the dream world of mysticism in her sleep while at the station (ranch). This fantasy element gave the storyline added depth and mystery. I was fascinated by the Mimi's and the dream world visits of the mysterious ghost rancher riding in to Rosie's dreams to show her things. Governess Rosie is part gypsy, which lends credit to her the ability to tap into the supernatural realm for guidance when she sleeps. Trust me, you'll be intrigued and fascinated by these noctural visions and visitations she has as she cares for her charge.

I also loved the way the author was able to make Austraila come alive for me. She did a wonderful job with fresh, flowing descriptions that I could visualize it easily in my mind. The characters spoke using Aussie terms, so be prepared for a little guessing in some places for meaning of a word( example: pikelets, which I assumed in context were pancakes). Don't let that dissaude you--the context of these authentic slang words makes it easy to figure out. And that is the best part of this story--it rings with such authenticity in both description and the way the characters speak and think, I am wondering if the author is Australian? It's that awesome. I didn't feel as if I were reading a story line taking place in Australia written by someone who just plopped the characters down there and had never been there themselves. You'll love this deep, authentic feel as you read the story.

So, besides the wonderful fantasy element, and the authentic feel of the setting and characters, what's so incredible about this story? If you know your Jane Eyre, you know that Mr. Rochester has a thing for his governess, but has a terrible secret, a crazy wife hidden in the attic. In this modern day rendition, there is the strong undercurrent of attraction growing into love, and while Adam doesn't have a crazy wife hidden in his attic--he does have a crazy wife trying to get him back and get sole custody of their daughter. She'll do anything, no matter who it hurts, to get what SHE wants. It's spot on with the Bronte storyline, but with a refreshingly modern twist. You'll want to cry with the heroine as she struggles to protect the little girl from her crazy and manipulative mother, and you'll cheer for Adam & Rosie as they take baby steps toward trusting one another and believing in true love. Both Rosie and Adam are damaged people with very raw and tender hearts. Pippa, the little girl, is enchanting. I could almost envision her being of fairy blood. She's also very fragile, having been caught up in the ugliness of a custody battle between her parents, not to mention her mother's crazy, abusive behavior toward her. You'll want to hug Pippa and keep her safe.

Last, and certainly not least, are the horses. The author does such a heart-rending job of showing the dark side of the real life horse industry where cast off animals are sent to an auction and not all go home to happy families. The horses are real characters, too. If you are a horse lover, you won't want miss this story.

My only issue with the story was the length. It is little longer than I prefer for a romance, but it was well worth every minute. It is like reading Jane Eyre, yet, it is so compelling and you can't stop as the storyline twists and turns.
1 van 1 mensen vonden de volgende recensie nuttig
5.0 van 5 sterren Absolutely loved it!! 17 januari 2015
door Christopher - Gepubliceerd op
Geverifieerde aankoop
This was such a great book! It truly touched my spiritual and romantic side and would let go. I cried, laughed and my heart sang throughout it's entirety. If you're a romantic at heart and love to be put through the wringer just to have your heart sigh, this is the book for you. Than you, Anna, for giving the chance to read this beautiful story of love in all forms.
Courtney Shockey
1 van 1 mensen vonden de volgende recensie nuttig
5.0 van 5 sterren Loved it! 27 januari 2015
door Amber Ray - Gepubliceerd op
Geverifieerde aankoop
The mental imagery of this story is incredible. I fell in love along side Rosie with the Station an it's dream walks. A beautifully written tale!
3 van 3 mensen vonden de volgende recensie nuttig
5.0 van 5 sterren Unbelievably enchanting and exhilarating !! 2 november 2014
door Uma I. Van Roosenbeek - Gepubliceerd op
I definitely did not expect the kind of experience I did during the reading of this book and the lingering effect it had long after I had finished reading it.
A very heartwarming, heartrending story of a 10 year old little girl, her nanny/friend/ everything Rosie, a delightful Australian Shepherd and a rescued mare, Luna! The book induces a roller-coaster of emotions in the reader ranging from unadulterated mirth one moment to such deep grief and sadness the next. The description of Australian outback, the auction and the scenes are so vivid that they took me down memory lane to the trip I took to that country a while ago enabling me to enjoy the book all the more. In addition to the bewitching story of the humans and the dog, the travails the rescued Luna goes through are so poignant that the deeply affected reader wants to do something to help these horses. The author provides all the information needed to help at the end of the book which is prodigious!

A magnificent story of raw emotions, relationships of humans with one another and with the animals in their life. The good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly aspects of life are all narrated with such ease and simplicity by the author that it makes for a smooth read. One cannot put down this book without finishing it and then one tends go back to go over parts of it again and again. Before this book, I was not aware of the fate of horses. This book brought home thetruth about the fate awaiting horses and what we can do to help prevent the inevitable.

Thanks for this amazing experience, Ms. Erishkigal. I am eagerly and excitedly looking forward to the sequel of this book!!

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